Cute Summer Sandals for Women: 6 Styles to Amp up your Vacation Style

Now that spring is in full swing. It is the perfect time to evaluate our wardrobes and look for new ways to incorporate this year’s shoe trends into our closets. Moreover, you should get a new pair of sandals that will carry me through the spring and summer. When you are wearing a pair, you cannot help but have a good time. Like the flip-flops begging to be taken out of your beach bag and the beach sandals you slip on for a stroll down the boardwalk. The espadrilles you have loved from the moment you put them on. Besides, the platforms you rock front and center on the dance floor. The gladiator sandals that make you stand out and then give every outfit a little extra boost. Check out the top 6 vacation picks for cute summer sandals for women.

1. Gladiator

The gladiator sandal has been popular for a few years now. However, they seem to be rising to new heights this year. Because of adding interest to a simple outfit, this style is special, especially for exploring cities. Since they tend to be higher in price than other sandals, you should look for a neutral, versatile shoe. Moreover, they may coordinate with lots of colors. Besides, the shape and style are attention getters. So, there is no need to go for bold colors or patterns. If you are little shoe shy, you can always go for a lower cut and still get the gladiator look.

2. Block heel

If you are healed to a resort this spring, low block heels may be a great addition to your travel wardrobe. For being comfortable and stylish, these cute summer sandals will add a little polish to your outfits but are still practical. These shoes look and feel effortless, and are more at home poolside than sky-high heels. As an added point, block heels are a nice alternative to wedges. This can quickly add weight to your luggage.

3. Lace up

As the style to the Gladiator, anything that ties around the ankle or even up the calf is trending this year. In contrast to the gladiator styles, these cute summer sandals would be easier to collapse in your luggage. However, these shoes may not be as comfy to walk around in all day as the ties may dig into your ankle. On the contrary, you would dress up an outfit for a night out without adding heels.

4. Slide

The slide is not strictly a locker room shoe any longer. In keeping with the “ugly” shoe trend, the slide shoe is holding its own. The natural materials to synthetic or plastic styles are perfect. But, a metallic upper can also look great for a resort wear look. Do not be afraid to pair this style with more feminine outfits and skirts. The contrast will make your travel outfits more stylish.

5. Espadrille

Espadrilles come in so many fun patterns that you can easily infuse color to your travel wardrobe. Plus, they can be comfortable walking shoes for sightseeing and window-shopping. This may keep you feeling and looking cool. You can pair styles with floral or geometric patterns with neutral clothing palette.

6. Flatform

In keeping with the casual, it is easy to wear trend that has been happening lately. And, the platform shoe has made a big comeback. The styles range in sole thickness, but the higher is clearly more of a fashion risk. Also, these are more comfortable with an ankle strap to keep your feet secure. Furthermore, these cute summer sandals for women come in a ton of materials and colors. Therefore, use your destinations as a guide. For example, a braided sole with leather straps would be perfect for a beachside down.

So, what summer sandals to plump for when you intend to do a lot of holiday walking? Packing one pair for adventuring and keeping things light is important to you. Finding the perfect functional but elegant sandals can lead you to “traipses” round the shops. However, with the above information, you can find the best sandals for you, but it does not take much time. Beyond that, you can feel relaxed while enjoying your summer holiday.


Merrell Henna Sandals: Solving My Travel Shoe Dilemma

Sandals for women are often divided into 2 types. One is comfortable but clumsy; another is fashionable with thin paper soles. I have already taken both of them in during my journey and I’ve never felt pleased. Along these lines, you can see the reason.

I detested the clumsy ones from the beginning and abstained from wearing them since they looked so ugly. I loved the stylish ones because they highlighted my shorts and dresses well. But, when I put on them all day long, I felt penitent. My feet got hurt and I didn’t want to take any more steps.

I’ve invested years hunting down a center ground.

With a long-day travel from Eastern Europe to France, I was very happy to discover the ideal travel shoes. I made a wait-list; however, felt I would, in any case, be trading off solace or style. I made a deal with the looking of an explorer when I saw a climbing store mannequin flaunting the Merrell Henna.

They were precisely what I was searching for: sharp and useful.

The Merrell Henna Sandal

The Merrell Henna is a Roman Gladiator style shoe, so that was a quick tick in the style section. The shoes are spruced up or down easily. Amid England’s current heat wave, I wore them day by day. I matched them with easy-going khaki shorts or summer dresses. I adore that they don’t look like shoes I purchased for travel. The store I got them from had just dim red in stock. However, I have seen them online in different hues including dark and cocoa.

While I cherish the look of the Henna, the most imperative thing for me is a solace. I walk a ton when I travel, wanting to investigate by foot and effortlessly clock up 10 or 20km walking around a city. Merrell is a well-known creator of strolling and climbing shoes. It appears in these shoes. The Henna shoes have a solid elastic sole. This sole is not as thick as some climbing shoes but stronger than “form” shoes. The delicate cowhide straps over the foot are wide and steady. The good point of this is it is not diving in and leaving a blemish on the skin.

There is another cowhide mesh that keeps running over the highest point of the foot. Although I don’t feel any disturbance when wearing them, I have seen a little red spot on my toes. It is the area where this mesh keeps running under the more extensive calfskin strap. One commentator proposed removing the plait, which I can see but difficult to manage without influencing the shoe. I often have trouble when buying shoes because of a 0.5cm distinction between my feet. But, I have found that fixing or relaxing the Velcro strap around my lower leg is all I have to do to make the shoes fit on each foot.

The Test

I softened the shoes up around the place where I grew up. After that, I test them on a day of touring that including a ton of strolling in the hot climate. This would have been the limit for my past, not stable shoes. My feet would swell and I felt like my feet were consuming with each progression. But when I put on the Henna, I could stroll in the warmth for many hours comfortably. Having worn the shoes throughout the day, I kept them on for a night walk. This walk often transformed into an unexpected climb through the hills and trails.

The shoes were practically as steady as my climbing boots. They held well on the ascensions and plummets.

A couple of stones crawled under my feet; however, that will be normal with open shoes. Despite the fact that I don’t plan to wear the Henna shoes when climbing, I enjoyed how solid they were. The rubbing purpose of the mesh under the cowhide strap didn’t trouble me. The blemish on my toe wasn’t any more detectable following an entire day of wear than it is following an hour or somewhere in the vicinity.

The Merrell Henna shoes are an ideal choice when you go outside. With both comfortable and trendy feature, it won’t disappoint you. Hope that this post helps you a lot in discovering a good pair of travel shoes. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment. Thank you so much for reading. Goodbye!




Top 6 Dressy Sandals for Women

Most of the women focus on finding the perfect pair of shoes. Dressy sandals are essential for shopping with friends downtown. A good pair helps women feel comfortable while still look elegant.

Sandals are perfect for a night out on the town. Most women agree that finding comfortable shoe is crucial. The comfort cuts the chance of having permanent damage to feet and joints later in life, so podiatrists recommend comfort over fashion. Shoe designers have discovered the secret to making amazing sandals. These sandals allow women stand on their feet in a comfortable way. Women are still stunning and chic while walking on the sandals. Here are the top 6 dressy sandals you should take note for the next shopping.

Top 6 Dressy Sandals For Women

1. Steve Madden Dressy Sandals

In America, Steve Madden is one of the most famous designers. This sandal is the fashion footwear mogul of the 21st century. It is always at the forefront of designing with those trendsetting marketing shoes. Steve Madden is also one of the most popular brands. Thus, this makes it a hit with nearly every customer. Besides, Madden shoes had several dressy sandals for every occasion.

2. Naturalizer Dressy Sandals

Naturalizer brand focuses on comfort and support for women of all sizes and shapes. With beautiful design, Naturalizer shoes bring a classy to dressy sandals. Furthermore, they are the transition from day to night. With their stability, any woman can find the comfort shoes.

3. Jessica Simpson Dressy Sandals

Jessica Simpson is a style icon with her own fashion line. Two of her most popular sandals are the Easton and Blairee sandals. Plus, these two styles highlight Jessica’s top picks of 2013. With two-toned leather and a stacked heel, the Easton is a strappy sandal. Jessica Simpson heels are high heels with bright colors and trendy patterns. Despite their height, customers report that Simpson heels are comfortable. Accordingly, the sole contains padding and the traps are thick for comfort and stability.

4. Me Too Dressy Sandals

Me Too is a great walking shoe brand. The brand is affordable, high quality and stylish. The collections of classic and trendy shoes are available each year. Moreover, they bring something new and adorable to the Me Too family. Me Too signature slingback style is great choice. Summer flats work well, too.

5. Nine West Dressy Sandals

Nine West shoes offer a myriad of dressy sandals for any occasion. This is also a famous brand for comfortable and trendy shoes. Its dainty heels feel sturdy and stable. So, they work well for any woman. With soft straps, this brand becomes the go-to sandal for summer.

6. Sam Edelman Dressy Sandals

Sam Edelman is one of the America’s top designers. Thus, any summer sandal from her is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. With comfortable style, Sam Edelman is a coveted brand. Additionally, a simple ballet flat is the most comfortable shoe. All these things make this design become a great choice for comfortable dressy sandals.


How To Choose Dressy Sandals

Buyers can confuse which style of dressy sandals is the right choice. However, buyers should consider the comfort level and their style. Sandals come in every material such as leather, cork, vinyl, satin, and canvas. As a further point, select a classic style. The style should match other wardrobe staples. In addition, buyers can pair dressy sandals in statement colors and fabrics. For example, you can wear black pencil skirts with teal sandals. Of course, it is still comfortable. Metallic sandals is great with a white summer dress. Sometimes, they glam up skinny jeans or dress pants.

Dressy sandals for any season are the perfect mixture of comfort and chic. The good brands provide the basics of comfort and style. Therefore, when selecting sandals, look for quality brands. Thereupon, choose a dressy sandal that is right for the occasion. For a night out, or a formal event, wear a high heel sandal. After receiving new shoes, try them on. Buyers should get a feel how they fit around the heel, toe, and arches. This helps customers check the comfort of the shoes.


Top 7 Women’s Sandals for Casual Looks

You can believe or not. But the right pair of sandals can turn a drab outfit fabulous in seconds. Casual sandals come in a wide selection of colors, textures, and materials. Besides, you should make it easy to find the perfect pair for any occasion and look for an elegant sandal from a day at the beach to brunch with friends.

Sandals are not ornamental. It is even possible for wearers to tone their legs and buttocks. With the wide range of sandals on offer, finding the ideal pair may seem difficult. However, learning what is popular simplifies the problem. Buyers can look for casual sandals in shoe or fashion stores. Furthermore, you can find them from online retailers such as eBay or Amazon.

1. FitFlops

FitFlops is a product of a company in the United Kingdom. Its sole activates the muscles in the calves and buttocks while you walk. Besides, their thick rubber soles are shock absorbent which this makes these shoes kinder to joints. Healthy does not equate boring. Furthermore, FitFlops come in trendy and colorful designs. If you want to add sparkle to a casual look, you should choose for sequined or beaded uppers. The shoes in the market for rustic sandals should look for leather uppers. According to WebMD, these shoes may cause calf pain and discomfort for those people with the flat fleet. Sometimes, you should break the shoes in by wearing them for an hour each day. This allows your feet and muscles to get used to the stimulation of the shoes.

2. Flip Flops

Flips flops remain one of the most popular types of casual shoe. They are cool and comfortable. Also, they come in a stagger selection of colors and designs. You can pair them with anything from shorts, skirts, and dresses to jeans.

You should look for soft, comfortable soles and uppers. Besides, choose a basic pair in the neutral color for everyday wear. Likewise, you can invest in embellished, beaded or colored flip-flops.

3. Crocs Casual Sandals

Crocs offer a range of comfortable sandals. Choose from heels, flats or slingbacks in black, neutral or bright colors. These shoes feature soft rubber soles, lightweight and odor resistant. They are perfect for those who suffer hard soles or heel spurs. They are waterproof and durable, too. If you get an unexpected summer shower, it is not going to ruin your shoes.

4. Casual Sandals with Tribal Motifs

According to fashion blogs, casual sandals with tribal motifs are in. These sandals feature the bright colors and beautiful patterns. Besides, they offer interesting textures. You can choose the shoes from beaded, leather, animal print upper, or an electric mix of these features. Moreover, you should opt for neutral colors. And, the patterns of the sandals should suit a variety of outfits.

5. High Gladiator Sandals

The past meets the present in the trendy high gladiator sandals. These shoes look like the offspring of knee high boots or strappy sandals. For a casual look, choose earthy, basic colors, or add glam with the metallic tones. They come in flats or heels with delicate or futuristic cuts. Moreover, they can be in variety of textures and designs. As an added point, choose from designs that feature straps, buckles or zippers. When choosing casual sandals, look for a simple and less strappy design. You can pair them with shorts, skirts, or dresses.

6. Two-tone Casual Sandals

For the extra splash of color, you should consider two-tone casual sandals. For warmer months, opt for pastel colors for spring and summery shades. These sandals come in faux snakeskin or matte leather but they are not quite statemented accessories. So, they add subtle interest to outfits. The basic colors make the sandals more versatile. Likewise, these sandals allow users to wear them with a wide range of casual clothing. For extra impact, look for two-tone sandals with the different colors and materials. For example, a metallic and matte finish on different sections of the sandal.


7. Casual Thong Sandals

Casual thong sandals resemble flip-flops in design. They come with uppers including a single thong which splits in two across the arch of the foot. These sandals are as comfortable as flip flops, but less casual. They tend to have thicker soles, some come with wedge heels. The design lends itself to detail and decoration. Furthermore, you should choose plain leather or fabric. Besides, opt for cute patterns or bright colors. These shoes often come decorated with sparkling, metal disks, and sequins. Thongs come in different thickness and patterns. This makes it easy to find sandals whatever the foot type.

Casual are ideal for keeping cool on warm or hot days. Moreover, these shoes come in a variety of cute designs. For the casual look, choose plain gladiator sandals without heels. Beyond that, flip flops remain popular and add comfort to casual wear. Considering the huge selection of colors and designs, you can match them to about any casual outfit. Thong sandals are as comfortable as flips flops, but less casual. Crocs are soft and available in dainty designs.



Birkenstock Madrid Slide Sandals Review: Fashionable and Comfortable Travel Shoes

Travel shoes are difficult to pack. Sometimes, you want the comfort while traveling without sacrificing style. For trips, choose a shoe is casual enough. It will act as a substitute for flip-flops. Also, it is comfortable enough to wear all day in my destination. And, it is chic enough to dress up for night out.

One of the good travel sandals is the Birkenstock Madrid sandal. Birkenstocks tend to elicit images of frumpy looking clogs. However, the brand has created new styles. They revived old ones for today’s fashions. Like any shoe, Birkenstocks sandals have their specific features, pros, and cons. Also, you should know how to wear it. If you are looking a fabulous travel sandal, you should read the below information. It may be useful for you.


1. The Features
  • Adjustable strap: With the adjustable straps, it is great for swelling your feet on a plane. Moreover, it is good when you want to wears socks with them. In addition, you should wear them tighter than you will need. This stabilizes your foot better.
  • Cork footbed: This is a signature of Birkenstock shoes. It provides arch support and shock absorption. And, the sandal improves your circulation.
  • Large toe box: It does not crowd your toes. This feature is good for someone who has the problem with her feet.

2. The Pros
  • Multiple colors: You should choose black. This color can go with everything. Birkenstock makes Madrids in dozens of funky styles and colors. They include metallic and prints.
  • True to size: When choosing your size, you should know the exact size. It should not be too big or too small. But, if you are worried about this, double-check your size against European sizing. Then, consider wider or narrow options.
  • Lightweight and packable: These shoes are no more than one pound. They come in cork materials. So, this makes for an ideal travel shoe. They can also fold flat. You can save valuable space in your bag.
  • Durable: Birkenstocks last for many years before showing wear and tear. You can get them fixed at Birkenstock retailers.
3. The Cons
  • The Breaking in the process: Be aware that you cannot wear them straight out of the box. Like other shoes, they have to be broken in. Also, they are molded to fit your foot. This can be uncomfortable for some and prevent them from enjoying Birkenstocks. Before bringing them on a trip, you should wear them with socks around your house for a few days.
  • Price: Price around $70 USD, they are not cheap. However, it is better to spend more on shoes. It will last rather than buying low-quality footwear.
4. How to wear

 You can wear Birkenstock Madrids dozens of ways such as plane shoes. Just add socks. Then, loosen the buckle for comfortable shoes to wear to and from the lavatories. You can follow the example outfit:

  • Outfit 1: For a casual fall look, pair it with skinny black jeans, a jacket, and a flowy top.
  • Outfit 2: To dress down a nice outfit, choose a maxi dress. Accordingly, add a statement necklace to wear with my Madrids.
  • Outfit 3: A beach day is easy in terms of outfits. So, you can pick Madrids with a swimsuit. It is also great with a multifunctional sarong.
  • Moreover, Madrids would be perfect to wear pre-workout like yoga or swimming.

Birkenstock Madrid Slide Sandals is the popular single strap style. However, it made entirely from EVA. It also offers adjustable strap for a customized and easy fit. It has EVA footbed and shocking absorbing EVA soles. Plus, Birkenstock style is simplified with this cute and feminine Madrid slides. Besides, it features contoured cork midsole. As an added point, leather footbed creates the comfort of this sandal. The buckled strap provides a custom fit. Beyond that, the textured rubber outsole is durable. A further point is that it offers good traction. As an added point, these sandals fit well with room to spare around the front. If the sandal does not fit correctly, slides may look less than classy. With all the good features, you should purchase a Birkenstock Madrid. So, it is a good choice for your summer days on the beach.



The 10 best women’s sandals for travel this summer

Choosing the correct shoes is one of the most important and most difficult parts of preparing for your summer travel. You can travel 7-10 miles a day, so you want to treat your feet well. Those fashionable, yet uncomfortable, shoes will make your entire trip terrible. But this does not mean you have to wear ugly grandma shoes. It takes a little searching, but it is possible to find comfortable shoes that also look fairly fashionable.  This guide will help you to choose the 10 best sandals for traveling.

1. Born Marcia

This gladiator has inspired style. It is versatile enough to be worn in cities over the world. Also, the style offers comfortable shoes in cute styles. Although it may not have much arch support as other brands, the sandal is a great balance between comfort and style. With full-grain and metallic leather, this item is perfect for humid weather.

2. Naot Sabrina

This item offers a comfortable footbed like a Birkenstock but looks more like a regular sandal, which is awesome. The anatomic cork and latex foot is wrapped in a pampering suede and molds to the shape of the foot with wear. Moreover, the lightweight is a major plus for packing light and is also pretty cute for a comfort shoe brand. If you have a narrow foot, these do not look massive on you at all. With soft material, you can put your feet easily through the ankle traps and then it hugs your foot in the gentle comfy way.

3. Sanuk Yoga Sling 2

This sandal is a comfortable and cute item. What makes this sandal so special is that the footbed is made of the same material as a yoga mat. In addition, this material help molds your feet. It is ideal to replace for a standard flip flop. You can choose this item for taking a stroll on the beach or going to yoga class, but not for extensive walks.

4. Aerosoles Women’s Conchlusion Gladiator

With a soft and plush pillow, Aerosoles is completely worth a super comfort item. The cushion-like footbed is so soft. And, the thong style is a bonus point for this sandal. Moreover, one of the best features is the rubber grip sole to help you prevent slips. Also, this is essential for travel. If you are looking for a classic and comfort brand, Aerosoles is a great choice.

5. Avarca Pons

Designed to be incredibly easy on your feet, Avarca is one of the traditional feather shoes of Menorca and Spain. With breathable leather, it features a comfy and versatile slingback design. Besides, it has the wide variety of colors to match every personality. Both local persons and travelers love this brand. So, it is considered one of the best sandals for those want to be a versatile or chic shoe to take them from day to night.

6. Vionic Flip Flop

With a cushiony insole and a flexible sole, Vionic provides the good sock absorption. Designed with the open-toed style, this item helps you spread out your wide instep and toes in a comfy way. Made of a cotton fabric, the thong strap does not make your toes pinched. Also, the soft surface of its footbed is the same as the actual contours of a foot. As an additional bonus, the sandal is an elegant and pretty for both workplace and travel.

7. Ecco Flash Huarache

Ecco is open and airy sandal in leather with buckle-adjusted ankle and perforated footbed. Besides, its footbed supports for maximum ease. Also, this charming shoes has leather lining, which naturally wicks away moisture. Designed with rich leather, this sandal provides a buckle closure for a secure fit. As a bonus, the PU outsole delivers the final touch by providing great traction. This may grip where or when you need it the most. As the perfect choice for summer travel, Ecco sandal will make you elegant and chic during all-season-long.

8. Teva Olowahu

Featured as decorative thong sandal, you can wear it all they with no problems. Also, Teva Olowahu is a comfortable alternative to a basic flip flop. Besides, the straps are made of durable fabric that does not rub. In addition, the footbed is supportive and cushy. Furthermore, the bottom has a slight tread to prevent slipping. With multi strap design, this item not only become fashionable, but it is also added more secure. It is a great choice for travel or even walk around your house.

9. Keen City of Palms Posted

Keen is the combination of the traditional travel sandal with the newest style the City of Palms Posted. This strappy item provides instant step-in comfort ideal for long hours on your feet. Also, with durable leather, it gives you great arch support. Especially, toe-post is designed for giving extra support to the front-end part of the sandal. You can pair it with a summer dress and enjoy your summer traveling.

10. Fly London Oney Sandal

With breathable and flexible sole, this sandal offers the lasting comfort. Also, the black patent trim and studded details are combined with the sling back small wedge sandal. This allows a quick and easy fit. And, the leather insole helps your sandal with wicking moisture away. Besides, the decorative buckle is designed to add overall appeal.

There are various sandals on the market, from basic flip-flops to walking sandals. Will you go for a strapped or slip-on version? Do you need arch support or toe protection? Will you be getting wet? Consider what you are going to use these sandals for and look for the feature that best suits your need.



The best hiking sandals for women 2017

Not all women are ready to wear boots or heavy athletic shoes while hiking. Wearing boots and athletic shoes can make your feet sweaty, hot or even tired before you want to stop. Instead of choosing running shoes or boots that may not fit, or suit the terrain you are in, why not try a pair of hiking sandals? Hiking sandals for women with the perfect design for light hiking and exploring, giving your feet support and traction, but plenty of room to breathe. To choose the best sandals, you firstly need to consider 5 things to find the best hiking sandals. Besides, there are a few reviews of quality, affordable and durable hiking sandals for women to consider before your next shopping.

5 Things To Consider To Find The Best Hiking Sandals

1. Toe protection

If you plan to buy a sandal with some sort of toe protection, you should firstly consider the type of trails. Many trails have sticks, roots, rocks and other objects on the trail that can injury your toe or foot. Most hiking sandals offering the toe protection. However, if you intend to hike around on the beach or paved bicycle trails in woods, you can get away with open-toed sandals.

2. Treads

Like hiking boots, you should find a pair of hiking sandals with a sturdy tread. With Vibram sole, most hiking boots and sandals provides excellent grip even in wet conditions.

3. Arch support

Unlike fancy dress sandals or flip-flops, hiking sandals have the great arch support. Arch support will provide the protection and comfort you need on the trails. If you plan to climb the tough technical mountain, you would rather choose hiking boots with good ankle support and tread than hike in hiking sandals.

4. Fit

Fit is also one of the important factors when you decide to purchase any shoe. While hiking, your feet tend to swell. At that time, adjustable straps can be a life saver. Adjustable straps support your feet with more room as the temperatures start to drop.

5. Type of hiking

Hiking sandals have various elements. Therefore, these sandals are not with a heavy backpack as it can place pressure on your joints and even could damage your feet. Hiking sandals are prefect for tropical or mild climates on easy trails, around the campsite or with a small day backpack.

Hiking Sandals Reviews


Best Affordable Hiking Sandals
1. Keen Women Newport H2

Pros: Great arch support and comfort

Cons: Stitching on some of the models wear quickly

Toe: Close-toe guard

Features: Non-marking carbon rubber outsoles, single-pull lace nylon webbing/neoprene upper, EBA mid sore with the antimicrobial footbed.

2. Ahnu Women’s Tilden V

Pro: Adjustable buckle strap system for a more custom fit

Cons: Heavier than other models

Toe: Closed toe

Features: Numentum Traverse Opened Toe Technology, mesh upper with webbed straps, EVA foam midsole.

Best Hiking Sandals For Women
1. Keen Whisper

Pros: Lightweight and comfortable

Cons: Arch support is limited

Toe: Closed toe

Features: Metatomical footbed design, bungee lace capture system, hydrophobic mesh lining

2. Merrell all about blaze sieve water shoe

Pros: Great for light hiking in wet climates

Cons: Designed more of a shoe than a sandal

Toe: Closed

Features: Lycra neoprene stretch collar, Unify midsole, Vibram outsole with 3 mm lug depth.


Best Open Toe Hiking Sandals
1. Chaco Women’s ZX2 Vibram Yampa Unaweep

Pros: Excellent arch support and pronation control

Cons: Open toe leave toes exposed

Toe: Open

Features: BioCentric footbed, Vibram outsoles, infinitely adjustable polyester strapping system, lightweight polyurethane midsole.

2. Teva Terra FI 4

Pros: Adjustable fit and long lasting

Cons: Open toes leave toes exposed and not the best fit for big feet.

Toe: Open

Features: Spider Original rubber sole, Molded polyurethane midsole with Microban zinc-based antimicrobial treatment, Shock Pads heels, three –point adjustment straps.


Best All Around Hiking Sandals
1. Keen Arroyo 2

Pros: Grippy tread- great for hiking

Cons: Laces wear out quickly

Toe: Patented rubber toe cap

Features: Removable dual-density EVA footbed, one-pill drawcord laces, nylon mesh linings, non-marking carbon outsoles with deep lugs.

2. Teva Omnium

Pros: Adjustable ankle strap and comfortable

Cons: Does not have good arch support

Toe: Closed toe

Features: Sock-absorbing ShocPad heel, rubber sole, bungee lacing system with quick-release buckle, integrated toe protection.




Having comfortable shoes that will support you with taking your from the city to the wild. Whether you love hiking, fishing or swimming or just relaxing on the beach, a good pair of sandals will provide you with that comfort and still keep your feet protected. Besides, the quality sandals are durable, sturdy and flexible enough to allow free foot movement. On the contrary, poorly designed sandals or ill-fitting will lead to soreness and blisters. Therefore, it is important to choose sandals wisely and carefully.


The review guide of best walking sandals

With the combination of the freedom of walking barefoot and the protection of a sole, walking sandals are the great choice for the warmer days. Walking sandals have cemented themselves as a must-have item for trekkers. On the market, there so many different kinds of sandals. So, how do you know how to ensure you are not purchasing a dud one? Before going to the stores, you should make sure that you know how you can get the best walking sandals. This will not only support you through the summer days but look great and much more in the future. You should look at guides to find the best sandals for walking. Then you will explore the different types of sandals and which one is the best.

7 Things You Should Consider To Find The Best Walking Sandals

  • Terrain: Once you plan to purchase a new pair of sandals, you should consider the kind of terrain you will be wearing these shoes in. When you are at rest points, walking sandals are good alternatives to hiking boots because of its light terrain and shorter walks. Besides, walking sandals are perfect for beach and river walks. To some sandal wearers, they can walk with sandals for 10 miles when they become used to the sandals. Especially, the walking sandals can dry out a lot faster than closed in shoes. They are specially perfect for people who are predisposed to getting tinea and other fungal infections.
  • Weight: If you want to find an alternative to your hiking boots on long trips, you should consider how much weight and room will they take up in your pack? An open toed sandal may not provide more stability than a covered sandal. Yet, at double the weight, you should ask if choosing a closed toe is necessary.
  • Water: With possible fungal infections, your sandals have the best protection and should be waterproof. Moreover, constructed from rubber and synthetics, the sandals are your best bet for dealing with water. For activities in creeks, a rubber closed toe water sandal is a perfect choice. But, the rubber dries off instantly during the walk back to your car or campsite.
  • Blisters: Most sandals only interact with a small portion of your foot. The areas put under greater pressure than they would with covered shoes. This pressure and rubbing may lead to blisters. To cut this, you should look for outdoor sandals with wider straps. Also, buying sandals with leather straps can help once the leather soften over time. With sensitive feet, wearing sandals at home with socks on can help soften the straps. It means that this supports you with breaking you sandal.
  • Allow for swelling: It is important to remember feet swell throughout the day when purchasing a pair of walking sandals. In the late afternoon, your feet have expanded after being on them all day. So this is the best time to try on sandals. When choosing an open toed sandal for walking, you should care about at least a thumb width of space between the top of the toes and the end of the sandal. Moreover, this helps to keep any small stones or dust that may fling up on to the sandal away from the toes.
  • Support and Cushioning: Instead of fighting the walking sandal, your foot should be flexible to roll with every step you take. You will be sliding around with discomfort if a walking flip flop is too loose. A rigid sole may become an annoyance with every forward step. Besides, the best sandals provide the flexibility in the forefoot and help you avoid cheap walking shoes at all costs. Moreover, many walking sandals offer the amount of flexibility and support that come with many cross training shoes.
  • Trail Sandals: Trail sandals are perfect for long distance walking because of their natural ability handles advanced terrain. These sandals contain toe guards to avoid pressure on the toes or accumulating too much dirt on the path. Besides, the sole of an outdoor trail sandal is durable. It can cause discomfort if the expectation is to walk long distances. Thus, rugged options among Keen, Merrell or Teva are very good options.

The Types Of Walking Sandals

1. Closed style sandal

  • A closed toe will be the best walking sandal option if you are walking in an unsteady or rocky track. As you walk, these sandals prevent your foot from any moving too far forward. Also, they provide protection from any falling debris that you may encounter.
  • These outdoor sandals for men or women do not have the same flexibility as their open toe counterparts.
  • The soles with such rigid material are beneficial on longer hikes.
  • Closed toe is perfect for water based activity such as fly fishing. That’s why a reputable pair is often referred to as water sandals. Closed toe sandals can take a considerable length of time to dry out so they are not as useful for the beach or activities involve swimming or wading. Thus, closed toe sports sandals are also a good choice for walking long distances.
2. 50/50 design
  • With the 50/50 design, many open sandals have some straps by the toe to prevent foot slippage. Yet, still with open slits so the feet can breathe. This helps keep your foot in place but will not protect the toes from the falling debris which cut, bruise or break delicate toe bones. It is wise to consider covered sport sandals if planning a small journey on rocky terrain.
  • As a fast slip-on outdoor sandal, open designs can be thrown into a backpack or tote. Walking flip flops are well suited for beach outings as they dry almost instantly. Yet, some do not provide support for the heel. Wearers receive blisters from the two straps running over the top of the foot. But, Keen and Teva have made some very impressive water sandals. This will give you long-lasting comfort without ruining the materials or causing blisters.
3. Open style sandal
  • Open toed sandals no longer need to be reserved for the annual family holiday or for hiking day trips. For many people, open toe walking sandals help with posture and orthopedic ailments. Unlike fashionable sandals, the majority of walking sandals come with arch support. This makes them the perfect summer choice.
  • A handful of stylish walking sandals gives the allure of cool and they provide hours of walking protection.
  • For decades, brands such as Teva design the best walking sandals for everyday use or travel. These sandals contour to the shape of your feet. For few years, they corporate with the top designers to create the good walking sandals. These sandals provide podiatric benefits and enhanced performance. Also, they match the current fashion trends.

The Top 5 Best Walking Sandals

1. Keen Newport H2 Walking Sandals

  • With outdoors-man in mind design, these Keen sandals are the great pair for a man who wants to walk through wet or dry trails. From the first look, you can say that the walking sandals can work like stripped-down boots. From their vented design to their bungee laces or to the patented Keen toe guard, these sandals blur the line between a hiking shoe and a sandal. And, this gives you solid traction and foot protection.
  • As water shoes, the Newports are perfect for water sports or just walking through cool mountain stream on the trail. The combination of the vented design and the anti-microbial treatment helps you prevent odor.
  • Like all Keen’s water sandals, these Newports can be washed in your washing machine. If you want to purchase a walking sandal that can take you across town or across a stream with equal ease, this sandal is a perfect option. Moreover, they are the best sandals for walking hands down.
2. Teva Women’s Tirra Athletic Sandals

  • If you want to be both feminine and tough out on the trail, the Tirra athletic sandal from Teva has you taken care of. With a woman’s foot in mind design, the Tirra is a solid choice for rafting, sailing or as a pair of backup shoes around the campsite.
  • With the lug pattern, the sandal can keep water out. Besides, a neoprene lining helps the Tirra dry quickly. Furthermore, with the Teva’s super tough Spider rubber outsole, you will be able to grip the ground and keep your footing in the wettest conditions.
  • With the Shoc Pad in the heel, you will get an amazing athletic sandal. The sandals not only stays on your foot through the toughest conditions, but they feel good to wear.
3. Teva Men’s Hurricane XLT Walking Sandals

  • The Hurricane XLT is a good example of exactly what Teva can do for your feet. Although it looks simple enough, it is the little details that make this sandal worth your while.
  • The Durabrasion rubber outsole gives you enough grip on the ground without sticking you to it. Also, the heel with EVA foam cuts down on fatigue on your joints. Besides, the shank that holds the strapping system together is made of nylon. This supports the sandals with not cutting holes in the tops of your feet after all day wear on the trail.
4. Teva Women’s Zirra Walking Sandals

  • The Teva Zirra is a minimalist’s best friend. Its minimal strap setup set these sandals to your feet comfortably and easily.
  • With Teva’s Shoc Pad in the insole and the super-sticky Spider rubber compound, you can grip anything you put your foot on and feel comfortable doing it.
5. Keen Women’s Whisper Walking Sandals

  • The Whisper can work with whatever you find on the trail. Through the designed drain channels, these sandals slide on easily. They stay on snug with the bungee cord lace-up system, drain water, sand or mud. Thus, with a compression molded EVA foam midsole, they feel good on your feet.
  • The Whisper sandals have got Keen’s metatomical design to work your foot’s natural arch.

 Finally, the most important factors in choosing the best walking sandals or sandals for traveling is to choose what feels right for you. You are the only one whom can judge what is right for your feet. Before deciding on what works for you, you should try several different varieties of walking sandals. After reading guidelines above, you can make sure to make an informed decision of what walking or sports sandal will work best for you. Also, this helps you ensure the purchase of a quality piece of footwear that will last many outdoor excursions.



UGG Australia’s Gorgeous Sandals Reviews


gg Australia is a famous brand of shoes evolving from boots or slippers to luxury footwear. UGG offers between classic UGG comfort and elegant sandals. If you plan to purchase a basic sandal or comfort sandals, UGG sandals is a perfect choice. The material of Ugg shoes utilizes various premium materials from plush sheepskin to burnish, washed canvas, oil suede and tumbled distressed leather. This makes Ugg footwear luxuriously irresistible. Moreover, you can see the below reviews to find out which pair was the most comfortable and which pair suits your next plan.

1. Ugg Australia Janie Clog

With bone, tan or black design, this studded clog is completely comfortable. Unlike other clog sandals, its footbed is cushy and soft. Also, the footbed is supportive when you wear it for a long period of time. Thanks to a slight platform, it feels almost like a flat shoe. However, the front leather part is a bit tight. And, the strap around the ankle is a bit tight. This may make your ankle swollen after all daywear. You can pair these clogs with dress, denim skirts, boyfriend jeans or flares of any length (even cropped).

2. Ugg Australia Starla Espadrille Wedge

You can believe that this shoe is shocking comfortable. You have no worry about putting it on because the ties stay tied. And, you can walk around for hours in this shoe. Also, one of its comfort features is cork insole lining. For a customized fit, it is equipped with self-tied ribbon ankle strap. The available colors are black, navy, bone, and orange. If you love this shoe but it was a higher heel, you can try Ugg Australia’s Jules Platform Wedge – this shoe is made from the same fabric as the Starla Espadrille. You can add a flirty look to your sundress in these espadrille wedges.

3. Ugg Australia Jolina Open Toe Wedge

A ropey braided wedge lifts a trend-right open-toe shaped from buttery-soft nubuck leather and fashioned with sultry cutout sides. The platform of the wedges makes them a very comfortable pair of heels. Besides, this keeps the actual angle of your foot to a minimum. Furthermore, they give your major height. These wedges are perfect when you wear them with a t-shirt and blazer. It is great for a night out.

4. Ugg Australia Brylee Sandal

The brown version is fine. However, if you want something more interesting, you can find the sandals in black, silver, and black. Which one to choose for your next date? Without regard to color, the sandal is completely comfortable. You may love its minimalist design. Its design is like the Weitzman Nudest, but flat. For its form, there is a piece of leather that fits between your toes. This helps keep your foot anchored properly in the shoe, rather than sliding around. You can set out a relaxing day with total comfort in the UGG Brylee sandals.

5. Ugg Australia MaryAnne Wedge Sandal

This wedge is available in black and tan. Both of them are amazing. However, getting it fastened is nearly impossible. You have to thread a piece of leather through multiple hoops. On you first try, you can meet a problem that the leather could not quite fit and started peeling. This may make you annoyed. On the other hand, it is a great choice when you look for a strappy wedge with major height. Moreover, its foam insole is added arch support. For absorbing moisture, it is designed with jute-upper and full-grain leather. With soft leather, this helps avoid cutting into your skin or even leaving blisters. Its padded sole will support you with walking easily and stand in. As an eye-catch wedge sandal, you can choose it for long summer days.


UGG sandals with unique designs and authentic material will offer you super comfort. There are various brands, but if you want to find the basic sandals yet chic, UGG sandals will give you all. However, you should consider seriously the important factor before deciding to purchase any sandals. They may be suitable for other person and other situation, but it does not mean it works with you as well. Therefore, with the above guide and reviews, you can know how to choose UGG sandals and which one suits to your goal.


The 10 most comfortable walking sandals for women

Most shoes on the market today is neither good nor comfortable for your feet. According to the recent research of American Podiatric Medical Association, 50 percent of Americans, aged from 18 to 60, suffer from different kinds of ailment, many of which are related to wearing harmful footwear. If you take the precautions when choosing shoes, you do not have to suffer pain for fashion. Besides, you should look for comfortable feature to find a shoe that offers the comfort you need for healthy feet. Here the best walking sandals for women.

1. Arche Satia Sandal

The Satia Sandal is a chic and sleek number with a sling back design on a natural latex cushion. The over-an-inch heel gives you a proper lift. This feature does not put too much strain on your feet in order that you can walk around for a longer of period of time before feeling painful. The nubuck upper is paired with elastic straps to ensure flexibility and snug fit. With the scratch and water resistant, it is a good choice for those strides in the puddles.

2. OluKai Luana Sandal

The upper part is equipped with water-resistant synthetic straps with ultra soft. Also, it is paired with quick-dry jersey knit lining. To create a custom fit, its metal strap is combined with micro hook and loop closure. Its footbed is anatomically molded Micro-textured PU midsole and water-build ready. For enhanced traction and durability, non-marking rubber outsole is paired with textured pods. Secured by a hooked enclosure for quick fittings, this sandal features adjustable toe and ankle straps. Padded lining heel and the toe strap is designed for extra comfort. The thin straps are a stylish take on the chunkier sports sandal look. If you intend to head on to a beach resort or European seaside vacation, you should pack this item.

3. The Flexx T-Strap Sandal

The slim T-strap of a chic is highlighted by the polished pyramid studs. This comfortable sandal is finished with a cushioned footbed, lightweight, and flexible sole. A 1-inch heel helps keep your feet raised. Also, adjustable straps with buckle closure let you modify the fit on the go.

4. Gentle Souls Leah Sandal

Thanks to patented displaceable solid technology, it has unique cushioning with specialized flax seed pillows in the insoles. Also, a padded insole is designed fro added comfort. And, the rubber outsole is for long-lasting wear. In addition to a sweet peep-toe, the ankle strap is adjustable. This creates the comfort for your walking. Moreover, its ankle strap adds a sexy vibe to the wedge that stands ½ inch below the PORON memory-foam footbed and leather lining. You can use this spongy soft pair of shoes for casual or semi-formal events without going out of style.

5. Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Sandal

Featuring a comfortable yoga mat footbed with a sealed edge, this makes the sandal special. With the slip in style and a sponge rubber outsole, it provides a durable, securable and comfortable extended wear. With a two-way stretch knit fabric upper and sling comfort construction and lightweight feel, this sandal is a must-have item.

6. The Flexx Sunscape Ankle Strap Sandal

With the contrast of colors on the chunky construct, this item gives off a vibrant and youthful appeal. Whenever you would like to add a feminine yet sporty touch to a minimalist look, slide into this pair. You can mix and match it with your favorite ankle jeans, culottes or skirt.

7. Ahnu Selena Flat Sandal

Walking sandals is not complicated anymore when you wear this black thong number with elegant design and minimal straps. This item also secures the fit with a simple buckle closure at the edge of the strap.You will slip your feet on the smooth leather upper. Furthermore, you can tread on the road with its sturdy rubber sole.

8. Birkenstock Daloa Sandal

The cork insole with a wrap-around leather strap creates a completely feminine charm to this usually masculine make. On the contoured footbed, this item makes you feel relaxed and provides a tailored fit and arch support as well. During summer, you can choose this breezy pair to let your feet breathe as you globe-trot.

9. The Flexx Band Together Gladiator Sandal

With this pair of contemporary comfort shoes, you can get the gladiator look without a sting on your ankle. Thanks to the Virginia nubuck leather, this item is a great match to any color palette. You can combine the sandal with cropped jeans, shorts or a dress. For providing a proper boost of ease and poise, it has a one-and- a half-inch heel.

 10. Sofft Mirabelle Sport Sandal

This Anthracite leather strap sandal with the metallic glow completely ignite a curious charm. Besides to a signature cushion footbed and a low heel platform, these comfortable walking sandals have pearly shade. Thanks to its straightforward buckle closure, the straps can be adjusted according to your liking. For another sporty number, you can wear this on your urban escapades to feel cozy yet chic.

Walking every day is a non-stressful, easy way to stay fit and healthy. Like any activity, choosing the right equipment is a key to your success. The useful guides will help you find the most comfortable walking shoes without sacrificing your style.