Birkenstock Madrid Slide Sandals Review: Fashionable and Comfortable Travel Shoes

Travel shoes are difficult to pack. Sometimes, you want the comfort while traveling without sacrificing style. For trips, choose a shoe is casual enough. It will act as a substitute for flip-flops. Also, it is comfortable enough to wear all day in my destination. And, it is chic enough to dress up for night out.

One of the good travel sandals is the Birkenstock Madrid sandal. Birkenstocks tend to elicit images of frumpy looking clogs. However, the brand has created new styles. They revived old ones for today’s fashions. Like any shoe, Birkenstocks sandals have their specific features, pros, and cons. Also, you should know how to wear it. If you are looking a fabulous travel sandal, you should read the below information. It may be useful for you.


1. The Features
  • Adjustable strap: With the adjustable straps, it is great for swelling your feet on a plane. Moreover, it is good when you want to wears socks with them. In addition, you should wear them tighter than you will need. This stabilizes your foot better.
  • Cork footbed: This is a signature of Birkenstock shoes. It provides arch support and shock absorption. And, the sandal improves your circulation.
  • Large toe box: It does not crowd your toes. This feature is good for someone who has the problem with her feet.

2. The Pros
  • Multiple colors: You should choose black. This color can go with everything. Birkenstock makes Madrids in dozens of funky styles and colors. They include metallic and prints.
  • True to size: When choosing your size, you should know the exact size. It should not be too big or too small. But, if you are worried about this, double-check your size against European sizing. Then, consider wider or narrow options.
  • Lightweight and packable: These shoes are no more than one pound. They come in cork materials. So, this makes for an ideal travel shoe. They can also fold flat. You can save valuable space in your bag.
  • Durable: Birkenstocks last for many years before showing wear and tear. You can get them fixed at Birkenstock retailers.
3. The Cons
  • The Breaking in the process: Be aware that you cannot wear them straight out of the box. Like other shoes, they have to be broken in. Also, they are molded to fit your foot. This can be uncomfortable for some and prevent them from enjoying Birkenstocks. Before bringing them on a trip, you should wear them with socks around your house for a few days.
  • Price: Price around $70 USD, they are not cheap. However, it is better to spend more on shoes. It will last rather than buying low-quality footwear.
4. How to wear

 You can wear Birkenstock Madrids dozens of ways such as plane shoes. Just add socks. Then, loosen the buckle for comfortable shoes to wear to and from the lavatories. You can follow the example outfit:

  • Outfit 1: For a casual fall look, pair it with skinny black jeans, a jacket, and a flowy top.
  • Outfit 2: To dress down a nice outfit, choose a maxi dress. Accordingly, add a statement necklace to wear with my Madrids.
  • Outfit 3: A beach day is easy in terms of outfits. So, you can pick Madrids with a swimsuit. It is also great with a multifunctional sarong.
  • Moreover, Madrids would be perfect to wear pre-workout like yoga or swimming.

Birkenstock Madrid Slide Sandals is the popular single strap style. However, it made entirely from EVA. It also offers adjustable strap for a customized and easy fit. It has EVA footbed and shocking absorbing EVA soles. Plus, Birkenstock style is simplified with this cute and feminine Madrid slides. Besides, it features contoured cork midsole. As an added point, leather footbed creates the comfort of this sandal. The buckled strap provides a custom fit. Beyond that, the textured rubber outsole is durable. A further point is that it offers good traction. As an added point, these sandals fit well with room to spare around the front. If the sandal does not fit correctly, slides may look less than classy. With all the good features, you should purchase a Birkenstock Madrid. So, it is a good choice for your summer days on the beach.